In today’s meeting, Brenna Gould, WWU Alumna, and SR. Systems Analyst at Symetra, will be sharing with us available internship opportunities during the Summer! Symetra has a history of finding excellent intern and full-time candidates from MISA. Several previous and current members of MISA have landed either a full-time job or internship at Symetra. 

Symetra is a company that provides retirement plans, employee benefits, annuities, and life insurance through independent distributors nationwide. They help people create secure retirements while protecting their families, and getting benefits at work.

Brenna’s presentation will include informing us about the company, Symetra’s IT vision, what it’s like to intern and work there, and 2019 Summer internship opportunities. Symetra will provide food and drink for the meeting, and may even bring some awesome Symetra swag!

Symetra will have 12 internship positions available (developer, quality control, systems analyst, etc.). If you’re interested, we highly recommend you attend! You’ll be able to use Brenna as a contact for reference when applying! Here is a link to Symetra’s website for their internship positions this Summer:

This is our last MISA meeting of the quarter! You definitely do not want to miss out. This is your last chance to grab free pizza, and any last extra credit points for your classes. 

Symetra Presentation Slides – 2019

We hope to see you there!

PH 228
Mondays: 6 – 7pm